Photo of Dr. Gy÷rgy BOGN┴R

Dr. Gy÷rgy BOGN┴R, Associate Professor

Address: H-1521 Budapest, Pf. 91
Office: H-1117 Budapest, Magyar tud├│sok k├Âr├║tja 2., Q.B330
Phone: (+36 1) 463-2714
Fax: (+36 1) 463 2973
E-mail: bognar AT
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George Bognar was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 09/19/1978. He received Ph.D. and Ms.C. degree in electronic engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economy, Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computer Science. Specialization in Microelectronics, and Cable Television Systems. >From 2002 he was a PhD student at Budapest University of Technology and Economy Faculty of Electrical engineering and computer Science. In 2004 he joined to the research and educational work of the department. His research fields are non-contact thermometry (mainly investigating die attach quality), CAD of IC-s, design of analog (RF) and digital integrated circuits and investigating parasitics of IC packaging. In 2003 on the National Students` Scientific Conference he won 1st prize in Section of Electronic and computer devices. Its title was "Design of high-frequency BiCMOS ECL frequency divider"

Research activity

Other responsibilities

  • System manager of the VLSI CAD laboratory
  • CAD tools management Educational Activities:
  • VLSI design laboratory
  • Simulation laboratory
  • Microelectronics laboratory