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Dr. Márta RENCZ, Professor, former Head of Department

Address: H-1521 Budapest, Pf. 91
Office: H-1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 2., Q.B328
Phone: (+36 1) 463 2727
Fax: (+36 1) 463 2973
E-mail: rencz AT
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Márta Rencz received the electrical engineering degree and the Ph.D. degree from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. She is professor at the Technical University of Budapest, and the  Head of the Department of Electron Devices. Her latest research interests include the thermal investigation of ICs and MEMS, thermal sensors, thermal testing, thermal simulation, thermal model generation, electro-thermal simulation. For her research results is thermal modeling she has received in 2001 the Harvey Rosten Award of Excellence from the electronics thermal management community in the USA. She is a member of IEEE and IMAPS. She is Organizing Committee and Program Committee member of several international conferences and workshops. She has published her theoretical and practical results in more than 3oo technical papers.

Research activity

Recent fields of interest: Involvement in research projects in the last 10 years as participant or principal investigator Projects completed BARMINT ESPRIT III, THERMINIC Copernicus BALATON I. TéT OMFB-BARMINT HIPERLOGIC ESPRIT IV, BALATON II. TéT AIR-FORCE principal investigator OMFB-HIPERLOGIC OTKA T 025817 principal investigator MKM PFP 4346/97 principal investigator TALENT (MEMS design and modeling) ESPRIT IV DETERMIN Copernicus KIT 7108 PROFIT (Prediction of Temperature gradients, influencing the quality of electronic products) Fr5 IST-12529
REASON (Research and training action for SoC design) Fr 5 IST, INFOTERM (Az információ technológia berendezéseinek termikus minősítésére szolgáló új eljárások és műszercsalád fejlesztése),BALATON III.F8/2001 témavezető 2/0018/2001 NKFP-200120030193, PATENT( Packaging,Test and Reliability Engineering in Micro & Nanosystem Technologies)Fr 6 IST-1-507255, témavezető
Running projects: Granted new projects

  • EUREKA CAtrene Hidralon:Nagy dinamikájú és alacsony zajú CMOS képfelvevők fejlesztése
  • ENIAK projectek:
  • SE2A NAnoelectrnics for Safe,fuel efficient and Envisonment Friendly Automotive Solutions 
  • Jemsip3D: Joint equipment and materials for NANoelectronics

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