International and national projects

From its foundation, our Department is committed to join the international science community through numerous national and international projects.

We can proudly say that thanks to our successes in certain fields of science, we are both an internationally and nationally recognized research center.

Masat-1, the first Hungarian satellite

Ongoing projects

Successful projects in the last 15 years

  • EuroCPS (2015-2018)- European Network of competencies and platforms for Enabling SME from any sector building Innovative CPS products to sustain demand for European manufacturing
  • OTKA 109232(2014-2018) – Integrated thermal management of System-on-Package devices
  • OTKA 110867 (2014-2018) – Nanoelectronics based on vanadium-dioxid thin films
  • Nanotherm FP7 IP (2012-2015) – Innovative Nano and Micro Technologies for Advanced Thermo and Mechanical Interfaces
  • Smartpower FP7 IP (2012-2015) – Smart integration of GaN & SiC high power electronics for industrial and RF applications
  • OTKA 100794 (2012-2015) – Novel electrical and radiometric multidomain methods and models for the qualification of solar cells
  • Therminator FP7 IP (2010-2012) – Modeling, Control and Management of Thermal Effects in Electronic Circuits of the Future
  • Eniac JEMSiP_3D (2009-2012) – Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration
  • Eniac SE2A (2009-2012) – Nanoelectronics for Safe, Fuel Efficient and Environment Friendly Automotive Solutions
  • PVMET (2008-2012)- Development of equipment aimed for quality control of thin film solar cells
  • KÖZLED (2009-2011) – Development of an energy efficient LED based streetlighing luminaire family
  • Fast2Light FP7 IP  (2008-2011) – Research and development of light emitting foils based on OLED tech
  • NanoPack FP7 IP (2007-2011) – Nano Packaging Technology for Interconnect and Heat Dissipation
  • PATENT DfMM EU 507255 (2004-2007) – Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture in Network of Excellence
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