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Thermal Hall of Fame Lifetime Acheivement Award

Márta Rencz, professor of the Department of Electron Devices, has received the “Thermal Hall of Fame Lifetime Acheivement Award” at the SEMI-THERM conference, the most important thermal conference in the electronics industry, in San Jose, USA on March 21, 2019. Prior to receiving the award, as part of the conference program, Professor Rencz held a 40-minute plenary session as the closing of Section 8.

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation ‘From a Tiny University Lab to the World: the MicReD Story’ Dr. Márta Rencz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Official page of the awards:
The program of the conference:

Harvey Rosten Award – 2018

Our colleagues, János Hegedűs, Gusztáv Hantos and Dr. András Poppe have won the Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence of 2017. The award was obtained for their paper “Lifetime Iso-flux Control of LED based Light Sources” presented at the HERMINIC’17 conference, held September 27-29, 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The awards ceremony took place on March 22, 2018, in San Jose, at the closing event of the SEMI-THERM conference.

This is the third Harvey Rosten Award won by colleagues of our department. Previous Awards:

  • 2012: András Poppe (A Step Forward in Multi-domain Modeling of Power LEDs, In: Proceedings of SEMI-THERM 2012)
  • 2000: Vladimír Székely, Márta Rencz (Dynamic thermal multiport modeling of IC packages, In: Proceedings of THERMINIC 2000)

Congratulations to our colleagues!

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