Access to external users

According to certain regulations our Department offers R&D services and the use of the educational infrastructure for the industry and the academy. The expertise and consultation of the research and the educational staff are also available.

The access to our services for our project partners and colleagues of BME may require the reimbursement of expenses. For external users the access is limited to the regulations of BME.

The general guidelines of use include the principles of ethical work, the rules of safety and security, demarcation of research and educational activities, the general terms and conditions for contractual (excluding the case of project or strategic partnership) research, development and educational activities including the calculation of fees.

Hand and wave soldering of through-hole and SMD components

Main services

  • Cleanroom services
  • Custom chip-bonding, encapsulation and packaging
  • Thermal analysis and characterization of semiconductor devices
  • Combined thermal and radiometric/photometric measurement of LED packages
  • IC, MEMS, Lab-on-a-Chip, FPGA, PCB design consultation and mentoring
  • Digital and analog IC design
  • Consultation and reliability measurements of  electrical/space systems
  • Teaching the use of design suites, CAE softwares

Additional information about possible services and solution can be found under the Infrastructure and the Competencies.