Harvey Rosten Award – 2018

Our colleagues, János Hegedűs, Gusztáv Hantos and Dr. András Poppe have won the Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence of 2017. The award was obtained for their paper “Lifetime Iso-flux Control of LED based Light Sources” presented at the HERMINIC’17 conference, held September 27-29, 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The awards ceremony took place on March 22, 2018, in San Jose, at the closing event of the SEMI-THERM conference.

This is the third Harvey Rosten Award won by colleagues of our department. Previous Awards:

  • 2012: András Poppe (A Step Forward in Multi-domain Modeling of Power LEDs, In: Proceedings of SEMI-THERM 2012)
  • 2000: Vladimír Székely, Márta Rencz (Dynamic thermal multiport modeling of IC packages, In: Proceedings of THERMINIC 2000)

Congratulations to our colleagues!