Design of a UVM compatible System Verilog VIP for PCI express Transaction Layer (Veriest Hungary)

The PCI express hardware is very complex and it requires many simulation resources. To speed up the functional verification a possible way can be to simulate only the upper PCI express layer with an active PCI express VIP.

Main tasks of the student:

  • Get familiar with a typical UVM verification IP (VIP) architecture
  • Get familiar with the related PCI express standards
  • Implement the PCI express TLP VIP with the following features:
    • Contains a class for TLP packets of the transaction layer in PCIe
    • Is capable of creating/generating request TLPs for config/memory space reads/writes
    • Is capable of creating/generating completion TLPs based on incoming request TLP
    • Contains built-in protocol checking
    • Contains built-in low level functional coverage

The topic is hosted by the hungarian office of Veriest.