Electrical parameters identification of photovoltaic devices

The growing need for electricity and the risks of environmental pollution and global warming are the main problems, increasing the interest in renewable and clean energy sources. Solar energy sources using photovoltaic (PV) modules have the main focus among other renewable sources. Accurate power prediction under various environmental conditions is crucial for the PV system's power investment.

One of the essential aspects of utilizing the PV system is accurately estimating its output power using a mathematical model. This model will also be used to simulate the I-V characteristics of the system under different environmental conditions. Bragging, such a module is called the electrical model. Extracting the electrical parameters of a PV device under different environmental conditions is the main task to be performed, enabling building a reliable and accurate electrical model.

The main objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  • Reviewing the basic working principle of PV devices, their material structure, I-V and PV characteristics.
  • Studying the environmental effects on the I-V and P-V characteristics.
  • Defining an objective function that imitates the PV device electrical behaviour.
  • Defining a solving method to extract electrical parameters.
  • Discussing the results.
  • Read technical literature in English without difficulty.
  • Scientific writing in English without difficulty.
  • Basic knowledge of physics of semiconductor devices.
  • Basic software programming skills.
  • Basic mathematics skills.