"Legzöldebb Tanszék 2011, 2012"


Integrated Project


Period: 2007-2010


Development of new materials containing nanoparticles for improvement of thermal and electrical properties of semiconductor packages.

Our tasks in the projects are as follows:

Our main task is running the test structure design and manufacturing workpack. And:

  • Development of a new test stand which allows direct measurement of the temperature and the pressure at both sides of the interface material. To assure uniform squeezing of the interface material new test stands have to be developed. Measurement with thermal transient methode.
  • Definition, preparation and characterisation of test speciements using the materials and devices developed in other workpackages of the project. Electrical, thermal and mechanical characterisation.
  • Project demonstrators, performance testing and reliability testing by accelerated aging.
Smaller tasks: Defining methods and samples, conferences, project management.


  • THALES Research (koordinátor)
  • BME
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • CNRS
  • Chalmers Egyetem
  • Electrovac AG
  • FOAB Electronik AB
  • Fraunhofer IZM
  • IBM Research
  • ICN
  • MicReD Ltd
  • Berliner Nanotest GmbH
  • THALES Avionics SA
  • VTT
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