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"Legzöldebb Tanszék 2011, 2012"

Education in Hungarian - TTK
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Education at the department comprises education programs in Hungarian, English and German. This involves teaching in the base course, in major modules, in minor modules, in elective subjects, laboratory practices and project laboratories as well as Ph.D. programs. The main topics of these programs comprise electronics, microelectronics, microelectronic design systems, design of analogue and digital ICs, graphical lay-out design, IC testing, simulation of semiconductor structures and processes, photonic devices, integrated microsystems and mechatronics. The elective subjects comprise a wide field, focusing on the bases of image technique, bioelectronics, optoelectronics, quantumelectronics, solar cells and photovoltaics, computer graphics, circuits in memories and microcomputers, microwave semiconductor devices, high power semiconductors, VHDL language and its application, digital circuit realisation by programmable microcircuits and monolithic IC realisation. 

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The laboratories deal with electrical, thermal and optical measurement of electron devices, basic circuits and packages, the preparation and characterisation of semiconductor devices. Our design laboratories are equipped with world-class standard CAD tools for IC and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) design.
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