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K+F területek - Projektek - JEMSiP_3D

Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration (JEMSiP_3D)

Homepage: http://www.jemsip3d.net/

Period: 2009-2012

Goal: Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration

Tasks of our department in the project:

  • Evaluation SiP solutions to optimize the dissipation using thermal simulations.
  • Further development of the SUNRED algorithm.
  • Compact modeling methodologies for multi-die packages using physical investigation.


The objective of the project “Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration” is to validate technological solutions for the fabrication of high value-added heterogeneous components and systems.

This theme, generally known as “More Than Moore”, intends to gather within a unique system a set of various functions, implemented with elementary components, those generally being from various origins and technologies (memories, logic, sensors, actuators, wireless communication…).

This horizontal project targeting the implementation of production tools for 3D integration and associated technologies will be a direct support to the projects presented to the 6 applicative sub-programs defined in ENIAC work program.

The project is structured around 5 themes:

  • Methodology and evaluation tools to integrate elementary components in 3D systems.
  • 3D technologies and integration processes onto materials and non-Si substrates.
  • 3D technologies and integration processes onto Si, using processes closely deriving from microelectronics.
  • Reliability methodologies and Analysis for integrated 3D systems.
  • Performance evaluation and equipment validation for volume production equipment and generic manufacturing.

  • SÜSS MicroTec
  • FCI Microconnection
  • FHG
  • Air Liquide Electronics Systems
  • ASM Europe
  • Atotech
  • BESI Fico
  • FEI
  • NXP Germany
  • Philips
  • Replisaurus
  • Schmid
  • SET
  • Sintef
  • TU Delft
  • Volvo Technology Corporation
  • Optronic
  • SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
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