"Legzöldebb Tanszék 2011, 2012"


Period: 2004-2006

Title: Development of a characterization system for combined thermal and radiometric measurement of power LEDs.

Topic:  The goal of the project is to develop a characterization station aimed for combined thermal and radiometric/photometric measurement of power LEDs. For this purpose we need to develop high position radiometric detectors for visible range of the spectrum of LEDs, a temperature stabilized fixture to keep the temperature of LED under test constant and special electronics which allows high precision measurement of switch-off thermal transients of power LEDs. On top of that measurement control software is being developed to handle these hardware tools. Both hardware and software elements of the new system need to be properly interfaced to the existing, commercially available tools of the consortium members.


  • MicReD Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
  • University of  Veszprém, Hungary
  • TENZI Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
  • INPHORA Inc. - Institute for Photometry and Radiometry, California, USA
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